Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Susan Hiller

I visited the Susan Hiller exhibition at Tate Britain after college yesterday as I'd heard it was amazing. The wide variety of work on display surprised me, I'm used to either one style of work or one medium, however Hiller's work  crosses into all media. I especially loved the audio installation; a room filled with hundreds of speakers. On entering the room all you hear is the faint buzz from all the speakers, I felt like such a child rushing through the installation grabbing at speakers and holding them to my ears then quickly moving onto another trying to find one which was in English so I could actually understand it.

 I also enjoyed the room with glass cases filled with little wooden boxes each holding what seems like odd objects (they ranged from Northern Irish soil to orange glowing crucifixes) I liked this display as I myself have a habit of collecting random objects "just because they're cute" and have a slight obsession with pretty boxes.
The work I related to the most were the first pieces in the exhibition, The Work In Progress. The pieces were made from old work that was completely deconstructed then reinvented. The work is completely her own, her own work reworked. Nobody but her truely understands the time and patience put into it, to the outside world it looks like some string and canvas placed together. This is also the work I feel relates to my final major project, knitting using usual methods - I now realise I can use old materials, however I'll have to try and not make it look like a crappy recycling project.

A few words from one of the installations just for a bit of inspiration:

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