Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas =D

I realise I haven't been keeping up to date with this blog thing...well I have specialised in the wonderful world of fashion and textiles, and so far it has been a mixture of things; confusing, strange, hilarious and of course busy busy busy.
Over reading week our work was to research our new project Overwhelm/ Overload, this i found difficult as it had soo many possibilities and definitions that I had no idea where to start, and then when it came to collecting objects that represented my ideas I was completely clueless. But eventually I gathered enough stuff for a installation (none of which related to the other objects...) the only part of this project I actually liked was the fact that I was able to purchase what can only be described as EPIC beads from a friends charity shop. This project did not work very well for me, but after a VERY useful tutorial with my tutor Michelle I have been given ways to rectify it and hopefully have some work worthy of being put into portfolio...

                                                               EPIC BEADS!

Then we moved onto the next project 'Migrate' which initially confused me even more than overwhelm...However, for this project I actually had a concept, which meant for once I actually had some idea about what I was doing, hurrah! I chose to base my research and project around the idea of mutation and deformities; Migrating shape of the body if you will. So most of my research was based around Chernobyl and the disasters' victims. I chose to deform dollies to try and represent my ideas through an installation, however, the tutor led work throughout the 2 week project tended to lean away from our initial concepts and there was a greater emphasis on fashion drawing , illustration and 3D work and such, which I didnt particularly enjoy as I am on the Textiles side of things. However, the day of life drawing we did was actually really fun, maybe it was because we got to play Dress Up for a while, I duno. Now from my tutorial I have been given ways in which I can develop this project, sticking very close to my concept and developing my work with the dolls so I have a greater body of work, which I'm actually looking forward to working into, especially as it fits in well with the Random Riches project we have to complete over the holidays. These projects are much more to my tastes, as they are both a bit weird.

And now I have finished with UCAS, so I can concentrate fully on my work for the time being, then I just have the fun that is stressing over portfolios and interviews to come....great!