Sunday, 27 February 2011

Finger Knitting

As part of my fmp, I have been looking to different ways of knitting; different techniques, methods, materials, etc. This week I chose to look at finger knitting; I used it in previous projects just as small material samples, however, I finger knitted a whole ball of yarn, then knitted normally with my new chunky yarn, it created a thick, beautiful knit, which I'm still in the process of making. It's a great technique, however it takes like a day to finger knit all the yarn which doesnt last very long as its so thick so it is quite time comsuming, but worth it. I was hoping to have a sample to put in my portfolio for Chelsea Textiles last week, as my portfolio is lacking in colour, however, I was successful in getting into Chelsea with my colourless portfolio so all is well. Hopefully I'll have a sample for my next interview this wednesday at Brighton, fingers crossed.

lovely chunky knit

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