Saturday, 26 February 2011

Docklands Light Railway

After a discussion with my tutor about my FMP I have decided to develop the idea of scale and environment a lot more. As my project is based around the idea of extreme knitting, I will now work into the idea of how the environment of the piece will effect its scale. I will extend my research into dolls houses and miniature villiages as an example of tiny scale, it will be interesting to see how a normal sized piece of knitting will look in a tiny dolls bed. As an example of large scale, I took a trip down to the Docklands to look at ship-parts, machinery and the general gigantic metal things there. After travelling for about 45minutes to get to the docklands from my house in north london, I realised there isn't actually much left in the docklands related to shipping and docking, as it's now full of lovely new flats and other regeneration schemes. However, I visited Trinity Buoy at East India Docks as I have been there for art exhibitions and remembered they had some buoys and lighthouses and other shipping paraphernalia lying around. To be honest, I found more useful images and information in books in the library at Chelsea, most of the images were from the days when the docks were in full use. I like the images of the thick ropes and heavy chains, these have been useful in providing ideas for possible knitting samples.

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