Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bitch 'n Stitch

After friday's crit we had a bitch 'n stitch session; this time it was knitting and crochet. I taught those who wanted to knit along with Emily, so we ended up sitting in the corner with a large group of people, looking like a load of pensioners and having a laugh, which is much needed seeing as most of us have interviews in the next week or so. Seeing as I myself have an interview in the coming week, it was a nice break from the constant worrying about portfolios and interviews and what to wear for my interview (yes, this is a priority). I got to use the 20mm needles which made me feel like a little kid using giant needles, and also created a net like knit as the loops were so loose.
Bitchin' 'n Stitchin' like a boss - loose knit

Now to learn how to crochet...I would love to be able to make some amigurumi toys, they're just so cute!

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