Tuesday, 25 January 2011


For this most recent project I decided to deconstruct a pair of Caterpillar workers boots, as I was interested in working with objects with layers n different textures throughout the layers. It seemed like a good idea until I realised why these boots are so sturdy; it took 3 people over 2 days to fully pull them apart! It was interesting as so many materials go into making one item. I am now using the textures of the fabrics and shaping of the pieces of the shoe to work into fabric samples. My concept for this project is that of androgyny; where the feminine meets the masculine, this concept came from that fact that the boots appear to be those belonging to a man however when investigating into them it was clear that they were actually a woman's boot. To develop this idea I am working into fabric samples using either feminine fabrics and masculine techniques are vice versa. So far I have pleated into leathers and burned into organzas.

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