Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bitch 'n Stitch

After friday's crit we had a bitch 'n stitch session; this time it was knitting and crochet. I taught those who wanted to knit along with Emily, so we ended up sitting in the corner with a large group of people, looking like a load of pensioners and having a laugh, which is much needed seeing as most of us have interviews in the next week or so. Seeing as I myself have an interview in the coming week, it was a nice break from the constant worrying about portfolios and interviews and what to wear for my interview (yes, this is a priority). I got to use the 20mm needles which made me feel like a little kid using giant needles, and also created a net like knit as the loops were so loose.
Bitchin' 'n Stitchin' like a boss - loose knit

Now to learn how to crochet...I would love to be able to make some amigurumi toys, they're just so cute!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Along side the deconstruction project I have been working into the previous migrate project some more. My concept of mutations and deformities as presented in the form of barbie dolls. Over christmas I created more mutated dolls, and after the crit on the first day back, I tried to create some material samples based on the concept.

I placed the samples onto my mutated dolls to see how they would work on the body.

These are some of the mutated dolls:

 Quite disturbing yes...still quite fun.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


For this most recent project I decided to deconstruct a pair of Caterpillar workers boots, as I was interested in working with objects with layers n different textures throughout the layers. It seemed like a good idea until I realised why these boots are so sturdy; it took 3 people over 2 days to fully pull them apart! It was interesting as so many materials go into making one item. I am now using the textures of the fabrics and shaping of the pieces of the shoe to work into fabric samples. My concept for this project is that of androgyny; where the feminine meets the masculine, this concept came from that fact that the boots appear to be those belonging to a man however when investigating into them it was clear that they were actually a woman's boot. To develop this idea I am working into fabric samples using either feminine fabrics and masculine techniques are vice versa. So far I have pleated into leathers and burned into organzas.